the video everyone talks about

The video where ‘Little Nicolás’ returns to the present

And he sure is delighted. In addition, it is a video that is already a trend and that almost all of Spain will see, not only for him but for the rest of those who come out. In the video, Dakota, Saray, Francisco Nicolás and Omar Montes appear as students and Pedro García Aguado as teacher, to convey the message that “You get out of jail, but not from ‘Internship: Las Cumbres’.

In the montage, which does not last a minute, Nicolás plays one of the rebellious students who, true to his style, in his case annoys the teacher by picking up the cell phone because – according to him – they are “the ones from above” . A parody that has dazzled the whole world, since the tweet has thousands of retweets and “I like it”.

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