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The video of the prisoner who escaped, was shot with the police among jets and was killed

“Send an urgent ambulance,” shouted a policeman stopped in the middle of a 122 and 46 service station, on the side where that avenue is already Ensenada territory. A few meters away, inside the shop, there were two people: a girl who had just lived, probably, the most traumatic experience in her history. And a man who had just died, with his head open from a shot that – different sources agree – shot himself with an official 9-millimeter Bersa, after shooting himself among gas and gasoline pumps with the policemen who were chasing him from the around the San Martín hospital.

The man lying dead in the show had escaped a while before, after circumventing the surveillance of two penitentiaries who were to guard him while they waited to transfer him back to the Magdalena prison, where he was serving a sentence for robbery aggravated by the use of weapon. He was not far from completing his sentence, but he had already had two previous suicide attempts, official sources reported. The two guards have already been summoned and made available, like one of their bosses.

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The escape occurred minutes after 13 yesterday, although the starting point would have to be located last night in the Unit 35 pavilion where Nahuel Crause Lara, 23, was serving a sentence for armed assault since May 2015 According to the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service, in November of next year he was going to serve his sentence, but he had already tried to kill himself twice and on the last Monday he swallowed a light bulb and a plastic fork.

Did you want to commit suicide or intended to be taken to a hospital to execute an escape plan?

Nobody knows. The truth is that they transferred him urgently to the San Martín hospital, at 1 and 69, where with the radiographic plate that confirmed the presence of both utensils in the body of the detainee, the doctors designed a treatment that left him out of danger in a matter of hours.

He spent the night in bed 25 of room 22, in the custody of the two prison officers who had transferred him from Magdalena, an adjutant officer and a sergeant who also had to take care of taking him back to the prison once the doctors gave him discharge to Crause Lara. According to police and judicial spokespersons, the discharge arrived around 1 in the afternoon, but what happened next was not the transfer but something totally unforeseen for everyone. Less for the protagonist, of course.

“The first steps of the administrative investigation were able to detect several serious irregularities,” reported the SPB, not without clarifying that it remains to “establish whether there was negligence or complicity.”

What appears in the summary is that one of the guards took the handcuffs off Crause Lara to go to the bathroom and, “without restraints, the detainee threatened the NCO, rose with the two regulatory weapons and fled “

“It had taken their time,” an investigator slipped, “he hit the guard, grabbed the weapons and left.”

He was able to do it because the other agent was in the bathroom and the pistols had been in a bag, perfectly at hand. Before fleeing, the detainee handcuffed the guard and took to the street determined to find a way to get away as quickly as possible.

Neatly dressed, he faced the kiosk manager with a nervousness that he attributed to having just been robbed and needed a remis. The woman took pity on the man in trouble and called the agency “Estrella”, which took almost no time to send a Fiat Siena to the indicated address.

Already in the role of a passenger, Crause Lara first asked the driver to take him to the train station, but when the driver told him that boarding a train without a traffic license could bring him problems (he was not aware that the boy was already in capital one), the escapee changed his destination: “He asked him to take him to Quilmes and showed him that he had 1,000 pesos” that nobody knows where he got it from, a judicial source told this newspaper. “The guards were not stolen,” he added.

Meanwhile, the handcuffed prisoner freed himself with the help of the one who came out of the bathroom and together they started searching for the fugitive in a Renault 18, in addition to asking for support from 911. Apparently they got to see in which car he fled, a fact that allowed the patrolmen locate the Siena when he was loading gas at the Puma service station at 122 and 46. Two police officers who approached to identify the passenger did not wait for him to react as he did: “He got out of the back seat and started shooting while running towards the shop” , reported the same source, which triggered an exchange of 23 shots that by chance did not end up at jets (which would have been a catastrophe) or on people. Only in cars and columns.

The official version is that Crause Lara broke into the premises where there was only one employee, a sequence that would have been captured by the internal security cameras. There, without seeking a negotiation or attempting to take a hostage, the young man shot himself in the temple. Outside were the witnesses lying on a makeshift body.

“Send an urgent ambulance,” shouted a policeman, near a girl who kept shaking. Then more mobiles arrived, an ambulance with SAME personnel who certified the death of Crause Lara, while the prosecutor Álvaro Garganta gave instructions to advance the case.

The experts made measurements, raised traces and a morguera transferred the body of the deceased to the morgue to submit to an autopsy, while the private cars and patrol cars drilled with guns ended up in the DDI and the two guards summoned by Internal Affairs of the SPB. They were also ordered to be placed on preventive availability for both and for the Chief of the Section of the Foreign Security Guard of the prison.

“Wives are prison”

Official sources described it as an “irregularity” that the prisoner had his handcuffs removed, which, outside the prison, “are jail.”

“If he goes to the bathroom, they must put an extension cord on him,” which is a chain tied around his waist that maintains his hold, they explained, stressing that before any movement of this type, the two guards must be vigilant. “You can go to the bathroom, but not when the inmate makes a move, because that was what enabled him to hit the guard, handcuff him and take out his weapons without the partner knowing about it,” they completed.



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