The video shows the split between the women from the GERB party

A Facebook video showed exactly how the confrontation between Boyko Borissov and the women of GERB from Blagoevgrad took place. This happened yesterday (September 26th) at the National General Assembly of Women GERB – the women’s organization of the party, which elected its new leadership on the same day.

Candidates for the National Executive Council of Women GERB from all regions of the country were presented at the meeting, which was held online. Elena Tashkova was nominated as a candidate from Blagoevgrad. In the vote, 840 delegates supported the proposed composition of the council, 3 were against and 7 abstained. That is how Tashkova herself was chosen.

The representatives of Blagoevgrad objected to the nomination of Elena Tashkova as a member of the National Executive Council. It turned out that she was not nominated by the local structure:

“We are all extremely surprised by Ms. Elena Tashkova’s nomination, because this is not our nomination. We are 22 people here and no one wants Ms. Tashkova. None of us voted for her. Who and when sent her nomination, we don’t know. We don’t agree with that, ” announcements the regional coordinator of the women’s organization Adriana Melnikliyska.

“I will answer you. Who, when and where nominated her is your job. Your organization with such disunity led to the loss of elections after elections. Your quarrels led to this. I do not want you not to I listen to the quarrels over who is bigger. There is nothing in Blagoevgrad that we have not done. And you are losing elections, you must be voting against each other “, commented in response the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov.

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“Our nominations were Adriana Mumdzhiyska and Rositsa Dimitrova. We had not approved this nomination. That is why this situation happened.”said Melnikliyska.

In the Facebook group “Ignorant power” part of the verbal skirmish between the Blagoevgrad structure of GERB and Boyko Borissov was published.

We publish the commentary for the video without editorial intervention.

I hope that we will wipe out the men from GERB and that the women will come to power, so that these self-forgotten men, who are inclined to push …

Borissov was publicly defeated by Women-GERB in Blagoevgrad. Adriana Melnikliyska asked to speak and resented the forced nomination for the national leadership, which was not broadcast.

“We are present 22 women in the hall and for each of us, except for one, the only one that you gave for a nomination from Blagoevgrad, we are all extremely surprised why this is our nomination, because our nominations are officially different. We have not nominated Elena Tashkova. It is unclear to us who and when sent this nomination to the headquarters, and who and when approved it for our district. I guarantee you that none of the women, with the exception of Elena Tashkova herself, wants to vote for her, “Melnikliyska said boldly.

Borissov immediately reproached Women-GERB from Blagoevgrad that because of their quarrels his party lost the elections in this region. Gradually, anger gripped him completely, and he began to list how many buildings he had rehabilitated in the city and what he had built.

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