The violence leaves the neighborhoods and spreads throughout France on the fourth day of riots

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An unusual deployment of law enforcement, armored personnel carriers in the streets, cancellation of concerts and mass events, and curfews in some cities. The French government tries to stop the wave of riots which began on Wednesday in the neighborhoods of the main French cities, after the death of a 17-year-old boy by a shot by an agent at a control, and which has rapidly escalated and spread throughout the country, including the center of the cities.

on friday night new scenes of extreme violence have been recorded in several cities, but above all in Marseille, where the situation has worsened more in the last two days. Individuals have assaulted an armory, burned vehicles and robbed businesses. The riots are repeated in other places, such as Lyon, Nanes and also Paris.

At noon the president, Emmanuel Macron, met the crisis cell for the second time formed by some of his ministers to deal with this fourth night of altercations. That of Friday had intensified and had escalated several degrees: there were assaults on shops, thousands of fires in the street, but also in fifty public buildings, such as city halls, schools and police stations.

Government did not want to approve the state of emergency to stop the riots, as requested by some opposition parties. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne did announce the Deployment of armored gendarmerie and the cancellation of large concerts or events that “mobilize many troops and could represent a risk to public order depending on the current situation.”

Some towns have curfews and buses and trams do not run from nine at night to six in the morning until further notice. It will be like this throughout France until further notice. This reduces mobility and also prevents these cars from being set on fire.

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