The VIP fixer spills out of scandalous demands


The man to whom Sydney turns to the rich and famous experience for money that cannot buy experiences has revealed some of the most outrageous requests he has received from customers.

Karim Gharbi is the CEO of The VIP Sydney, a company that has many rich clients both in Australia and abroad.

"A regular concierge will receive a call from a customer who wants them to make a reservation at Bennelong restaurant in Sydney, for example," Gharbi told "But our customers will call us and ask us to close the entire restaurant for them. This is the difference ".

Mr Gharbi's abilities will be exhibited tonight during Sydney's wealthy Asian madmen, which will air tonight in the Channel 10 Pilot Week.

The show follows the sumptuous lives of three rich friends: a real estate magnate, a charity princess and a beauty queen, who all rely on Mr. Gharbi to organize everything from private parties to swimming lessons for them.

But what the spectators will see tonight is nothing compared to some of the demands Gharbi has received over the years from customers with cash.

"One of our customers was organizing a dinner in Hong Kong and didn't have a good selection of wines," the high-end concierge told "So we got one of Sydney's best sommeliers to put together a wine list, rent a private jet and ship the wine to our client.

"It was over $ 200,000 for a dinner for less than 30 people."

Another customer asked Mr. Gharbi to close the Sydney Harbor Bridge at 20:00 so that he could host a dinner for 16 people in the iconic structure.

"We thought it was a little politically incorrect … so we gave the customer a different option which was to host the dinner on the island of Shark," said Gharbi.

"We had brought private fireworks and an extraordinary chef and a live music performance. It was only for 30 guests and it was a pretty expensive event for just three hours. "

Sydney's wealthy Asian madmen is the show that starts the pilot week of the Channel 10.

On Monday evening, spectators will get a taste of Part-time private eyes, a comedy about two mothers who become private investigators.

A reality show about Roxy Jacenko, called I'm Roxy, will air Wednesday evening and offer viewers a glimpse of the domestic and working life of the queen PR.

And finally, Friday night, My 80-year-old roommate will be screened, a reality show about two older Australians who will meet a group of Millennials and choose two to live with.

After all the pilot Week shows have aired, Channel 10 will use a variety of measures including social media reaction, application period and demographic performance to help decide which shows will be commissioned for a complete series.

Sydney's Crazy Rich Asians will premiere tonight on Channel 10 at 9.00pm in the Pilot Week



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