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The Voice 2020 – The knockouts: Amel Bent shocked, a buzz coach in his place

Saturday April 11, 2020, coaches Amel Bent, Marc Lavoine, Lara Fabian and Pascal Obispo experienced a new evening of knockouts. After the heartbreaking choices established by Marc Lavoine last week, it was Amel Bent’s turn to part with four of his seven talents. During this test, each talent appears on stage with a new song of their choice. If the coach is seduced, he keeps the candidate; if it is not, it eliminates it. At the end of the knockouts, each team will have three talents ready for the semi-final at the Palais des Sports.

Amel Bent thus saw her team of Tom, Rita, Toni, Ryadh, Terence, Fayz and Anna pass in front of her. If you missed this show, the rest of this article is for you!


On stage, Toni has always shown his energetic side and his ability to put on a show. From the start, it seems obvious to Amel Bent. For knockouts, she wants to “to enjoy“and opt for a song that looks like him, Juicy from Lizzo. A daring choice on the part of the 23-year-old young woman who nevertheless appears very confident. His coach remains more puzzled and fears that his vocal power will not be exploited enough through his performance.

On stage, Toni’s energy is contagious, the coaches cannot help smiling when they see her gain confidence and wiggle on the tube. She even allows herself to challenge Pascal Obispo with his eyes, he who has often expressed doubts about him. Amel Bent is completely thrilled with her performance. “You know I love you, but I never told you why I love you. At 15, I would have liked to turn on my TV and see a girl like you. I haven’t had it, but my two little girls will see you“she says, moved. But before making her decision, the singer awaits comments from her friend Pascal Obispo. But instead of speaking, the latter decides to buzz in his place, a sign that he has been seduced by Toni and above all convinced. On the way to the semi-final for Toni!

Toni is saved by Amel Bent.


Rita is certainly the most inexperienced talent on the Amel Bent team. And yet, the 21-year-old girl has always managed to make her way to go as far as possible. Saturday evening, she tried everything for the whole while paying tribute to her oriental roots on the title My friend the Rose by Françoise Hardy revisited by Slimane and Lina El Arabij.

Her performance is very moving and, immediately finished, Rita would like to thank her coach Amel Bent, with whom she considers to have a very strong connection. Words that necessarily affect the main interested, but the latter is however obliged to make a few comments. In particular, she thinks that Rita still has a long way to go and work to do before finding herself as an artist. “Yes it’s true, there is a link between you and me, and this link after the adventure, it will always exist. I love you very much, Rita, I know you are disappointed, but life goes on.

Rita is eliminated by Amel Bent.


Terence (27), the singer’s big crush since her blind audition. For the young man of Irish descent, The Voice represents his last chance to break into the world of music. For this new test, he focuses on sensitivity and chooses to interpret the song The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice. A song that Amel Bent does not know, but she understands that it is dear to the heart of her talent. And for good reason, the song reminds him of his fiancée and their love at first sight when they met. Still, this title is ambitious and Terence must be careful to stay fair. Amel Bent gives him a few tips in rehearsals, but for the rest, it’s up to him to play.

On stage, the magic happens. Her sweetheart, present in the audience, has tears in her eyes from the first notes. Lara Fabian can’t help but speak after Terence’s performance is over. “I get chills every time I hear it! He really deserves to go very very far“She believes. Amel Bent, mischievous, makes the suspense last before deciding. After taking stock of the adventure of her talent, she says:”Tonight you sing! And I tell myself … that this guy can be The Voice !“Neither one nor two, she presses the red buzzer and thus allows Terence to continue the adventure.

Terence is saved by Amel Bent.


Amel Bent does not explain too much about his choice to have Ryadh on his team. All the coach can be sure of is that when the young man gives voice, she feels good. A feeling that was enough for Ryadh to blindly audition, then battles with brio. Always very comfortable with French song, he opted for a great classic, Bohemian by Charles Aznavour. A choice that can only delight Amel Bent, who has a deep tenderness for the late singer. During rehearsals, Ryadh gets caught up in his emotions and ends up cracking. It must be said that he fought for a long time to have his chance in music and he hopes only one thing: to be an artist.

And on stage, Ryadh was truly an artist, arousing a lot of emotion on the set. “You really took the platform that was offered to you. You did a wonderful job, you can be very proud of yourself“Lara Fabian tells her. The same goes for Amel Bent, for whom the places in her team are expensive. If she recognizes many advantages, the final verdict falls:”I don’t think you’re an artist formatted for this kind of show. But I’m sure, tonight, you met your audience and I’m part of it … We’re not going to go to the Palais des Sports together, but I will always be linked to you and I will be in the front row everywhere where you will go.

Ryadh is eliminated by Amel Bent.


In just two performances, Fayz has delivered more facets of his personality than all other talents. Sometimes sunny, sometimes melancholic, he has every chance of going very far in the adventure. For the knockouts, talent once again brings out its oriental origins by using Khaled’s version on the song Aziza. Always ready to put on a show and very generous in his way of conveying emotion, Fayz makes the public stand up and sets a crazy atmosphere.

However, Amel Bent still notes some shortcomings in terms of accuracy to go to the semi-finals. “But for me, you have a place to take apart from this adventure that is The Voice “, she nuances before advising her to persevere and do everything to release her first album.

Fayz is eliminated by Amel Bent.


Amel Bent recognizes this, Tom was not one of his favorites at the start of the competition. Although he has grace when he sings, he is still too feverish and lacking in power in the eyes of his coach. “It’s not the strongest talent I have“, she concedes. And yet, Tom creates the surprise with each of his passages, so much so that he makes Amel Bent want to make him continue the adventure. Tonight, he bet on the title of Francis Cabrel I loved you, I love you and I will love you. Again, Tom surprises by taking up this classic and especially by singing in French. Amel Bent is delighted that his talent can reveal another facet of his personality. His playing card? The emotion. The risk ? Let him put too much power during his interpretation.

Challenge taken up hands down for Tom, to whom the song goes wonderfully. Elegant in his costume, he offers a simple, measured, but very effective service. His broad smile is perhaps not for nothing either since it communicates a certain sweetness and tenderness in front of which one can only crack. Besides, for the first time of the evening, Amel Bent did not hesitate a single second before pressing the red buzzer. “You are too strong“, she says repeatedly.

Tom is saved by Amel Bent.


Anna is the last to pass. A difficult place for the girl of only 16 years old since all the tickets for the semi-final have already been distributed. She must therefore redouble her efforts to change Amel Bent’s mind on one of her talents. Anna still has some advantages, namely her very particular musicality and her unique personality. She decides to get started on the title Bad guy by Billie Eilish. A piece a little more “fun” than the previous ones that she could interpret. The opportunity for her to really have fun on stage. During rehearsals, Amel Bent even has trouble finding negative points.

On stage, Anna is in her element and also in her own universe. Her competitors recognize her as a rock star. Unfortunately, his performance was not enough to convince his coach. “Even if your universe fascinates me, I need to go to the Palais des Sports a little more muscle. And I think the three artists I buzzed with are more muscular vocally, but you remain an incredible artist and you are super young“Amel Bent tells her honestly. Very disappointed, Anna can’t resist the urge to cry. All the coaches then rush over to comfort her.

Anna is eliminated by Amel Bent.

Toni, Terence and Tom will soon have an appointment at the Palais des Sports for the semi-finals.


Marc Lavoine: Antoine, Antony, Ifè

Amel Bent : Toni, Terence, Tom

Pascal Obispo: Verushka, Joséphine, Abi, Akob, Ludisou & Nathan, Nessa and Antoine (Owlite)

Lara Fabian : Sam, Sheyen, Maria, Enzo, Gustine, Nataly, Margau


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