The Volkswagen Passat GTE wants to be "zero-emission" in the city

Volkswagen Passat GTE

Volkswagen will launch a brand new Passat GTE in September, which promises a certain "zero emissions in the city". Explanations.

We remember that the Volkswagen Passat GTE is the declination rechargeable hybrid of the famous salon of the producer, which will also be launched in SW version.

A "zero emissions" mode for the new Passat GTE

According to Volkswagen, this new generation of Passat GTE will benefit from profound technical changes, which will translate particularly into an autonomy "decidedly superior". For this, Volkswagen has opted for a larger battery, with an energy of 13 kW / h.

This allows the new Passat GTE to propose an electrical autonomy of 55 km on average in the WLTP cycle and 70 km in NEDC. What to offer 20 km more autonomy than the previous version in "E-Mode".

Volkswagen Passat GTE

So, according to Volkswagen, in megacities like Berlin or Paris, The increase in the energy content of the battery is sufficient to cover most of the daily distances in electric mode, which justifies the part "zero emissions in the city".

For Volkswagen: "the new Passat GTE combines the advantages of electric mobility with the qualities of a long-distance vehicle, making it one of the most efficient mid-range models of its time".

A combined power of 218 hp

The builder specifies that su long distances and 130 km / h, the electric motor comes to assist the petrol engine (TSI) of the new Passat GTE, with a total power of 218 hp. The electrical impulse acts like "additional temporary electrical surge, which provides distribution power", while guaranteeing a reduction in consumption.

Volkswagen Passat GTE

A new Volkswagen Passat that also does the emphasis on embedded technology, with the Digital Cockpit on one side, but also with the MIB3 entertainment platform, compatible with Apple CarPlay or voice commands. It is also equipped with 17 "light alloy wheels specially designed for this hybrid version.

Finally, some smartphones can also be used as a mobile key to open and start the Volkswagen Passat.


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