The Volkswagen Supervisory Board will discuss the future of the head of the Diesse Group

The executive committee of the Volkswagen Group’s supervisory board will meet on Tuesday to discuss the future of Herbert’s CEO Diesse. This was announced by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, according to which it is not clear whether a final decision will be made at the meeting.

According to Reuters sources, Diess is likely to maintain its position. Volkswagen declined to comment.

The meeting will be attended by, among others, Daniela Cavall, the head of the race council, and representatives of the families that hold a majority stake in the company, namely Hans Michel Piëch and Wolfgang Porsche. The Executive Committee is expected to reach a decision before 9 December, when the Supervisory Board is to discuss a five-year expenditure plan.

Tensions between Diess and union representatives have increased in recent weeks over his driving style and electric drive strategy. In October, Diess warned that if this transformation was not well managed, up to 30,000 jobs could be lost.

Tesla’s competition and the pace of reforms necessary to prevent the American carmaker from gaining too much of an advantage over Volkswagen in the production of electric cars also contributed to the tension between the management and the race board.

Volkswagen employed around 665,000 people worldwide last year. The Škoda Auto carmaker from Mladá Boleslav also belongs to the group.


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