The Vox advisor in Extremadura resigns due to problems with the party: "Rome did not pay traitors"

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The only Vox advisor in Extremadura, the rancher Camino Limiahas presented this Thursday his official resignation in the Government of the popular María Guardiola of the Junta de Extremadura two and a half months after taking office.

The former senior official, who is not affiliated with Santiago Abascal’s party, has submitted her resignation due to internal problems with the Vox management, as EL MUNDO has learned.

Considered as a influencer of farmers and ranchers, the until now Minister of Forest Management and Rural World, the only Vox quota within the coalition Government, clashed with the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, when he attacked the quality of Spanish meat.

In his last post on Twitter, Limia literally wrote this reflection, which already explained the internal problems he was having: “Three names; Bold, Talcum powder y Minuro, have gone down in history as the most infamous Turdetans. Rome did not pay traitors, but it did pay for the death of Viriato. “The Shepherd who came to Caudillo, and with honor defended Hispania (Extremadura) from traitors and cowards.”

The spokesperson for the Government of Extremadura, Victoria Bazaga, has summoned the emergency media to announce the resignation, which this newspaper has been able to confirm in advance. In fact, he presented his resignation this past Tuesday. Camino, who felt at times obscured in her work by the PP Agriculture advisor, Mercedes Morán, because the work of both was sometimes very similar.

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