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The VPRO misleads you about the Baudet – De Dagaily Standaard case

In English they say in such a situation: When you’re in a hole stop digging. Incredibly, the VPRO and the Buitenhof program do the exact opposite: they don’t just keep creating, they create harder than ever before.

“The judge has Buitenhof [woensdag] in the interim relief that Thierry Baudet filed against the VPRO, ” according to the headline of the article on the website of the public broadcaster. It is then stated that the VPRO is extremely “satisfied [is] with the verdict of the judge and happy [is] with this support for independent journalism. ”

Because, according to the fopo sponsored of your tax money, “[v]according to the judge, Baudet’s words from the parliamentary debate of 18 February 2020 in the Buitenhof broadcast of 23 February 2020 have been paraphrased. “

That is why the VPRO is celebrating. And that’s a bit strange. Because the judge has the “paraphrasing” correct clearly called “flawed”. Very strange, but there says the “objective” public fopomroep nothing about. The word “flawed” doesn’t even appear in the article. That is remarkable, especially because the judge concluded that the paraphrasing of “Baudet words from the parliamentary debate of February 18, 2020 in the Buitenhof broadcast of February 23” not are appropriately paraphrased.

If they had a sense of honor at VPRO – and took their job as journalists even a little serious – they would admit that frankly and let them know themselves that Mrs. Righton should have put it differently, even if her actions according to the judge not wrongfully was as such. But no, instead they crow that they have “won” and imply that paraphrasing according to the judge correct used to be.

Again, that is not the case. Just watch the video of the court press judge summarizing it all:

“The presenter has paraphrased what Baudet would have said in the parliamentary debate,” said the press judge. That is to say, in her own words. The judge ruled that this paraphrasing was flawed. Because she used three words – white, race and replacement – that Baudet did not mention in that debate, and that they have a particularly negative weight. ”

In other words, the paraphrasing is not correct. Not from any side. It is not a paraphrasing of what Baudet actually said in the debate. That the VPRO now claims that this is the case is a lie. Pure and simple.

The only thing the VPRO can claim is that the judge believes that, “that flawed paraphrasing is not yet [betekent] so does the VPRO wrongful has acted.That depends on other factors such as freedom of opinion, Baudet’s status as a public person, and Baudet’s previous statements. Incorrect, yes, wrongful no. That is the judge’s conclusion.

But the VPRO therefore pretends that the judge has ruled that the paraphrasing is correct. If we are talking about “fake news” then this is an excellent example. The VPRO is lying, the broadcaster is distorting the truth, and thinks he can get away with it too.

Well, let’s just say: save number 1,508 to shut down the NPO. And quickly a little.

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Incidentally, I am happy with the judgment of the judge. As I explained yesterday in my exclusive column for BackMe sponsors (become a member now! You will receive an exclusive column in your inbox for 1 euro per month), because I am for an unlimited free press. The media must be able to literally shout anything, including lies. It’s up to users to punish that, not a judge somewhere in an ivory tower. In addition, and this reason is much more important ,; the judge’s decision proves once and for all that the whole NPO gang is one big lie factory. They speak of “neutrality” and objectivity, but that is your utter nonsense. They are elite radical left-wing propagandists who use their stage to destroy anyone who goes against the Official Doctrine of the Party Cartel. The NPO, with Buitenhof in front, is one big lie factory. We already knew that, but it is nice that this is now visible to everyone through this case.

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