The VRT sanctions its sports journalist Eddy Demarez after his inappropriate comments about the Belgian Cats

He commented on sexual orientation, physical appearance and the name of the national women’s basketball team.

Through Writing with Belga

LThe VRT management imposed a sanction on Sporza journalist Eddy Demarez, as well as on another employee of the Flemish public broadcaster in response to offensive statements against the women’s basketball team, the Belgian Cats, after the Tokyo Olympics, she announced Thursday. However, the content of the sanction has not been specified.

While he thought he was off the air, Eddy Demarez indulged in abusive and homophobic comments against the Belgian Cats, during a Facebook Live from Sporza on the occasion of the return to Belgium of several Olympic athletes . After declaring that there was “only one straight on the team” and telling of the Mestdagh sisters that one “was a lesbian and the other was not,” the reporter compared Billie Massey to “a mountain” . “Have you ever taken a good look at her?” It’s a colossus, ”he told his colleagues. The journalist quickly presented his “sincere apologies”, which did not prevent the controversy from swelling over the hours. The VRT then decided to suspend the journalist. Since then, he is no longer active within the chain.

The public channel says it wants to focus more on the remediation of affected employees. “The entire sports editorial staff will have to follow a path of inclusion and integrity,” she argues. The VRT has been advised on this point by external organizations and is also in talks with the Belgian Cats.


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