The Walking Dead showrunner on if Jesus and Aaron are a couple


NOTICE SPOILER: Continue reading only if you have already watched the episode "Stradivari" on Sunday of The walking dead.

So many questions !!! This is what more Dead man Walking the fans were probably thinking about the conclusion of the "Stradivarius" episode on Sunday. We learned that Rick's disappearance led Daryl to live alone, but they were left to think about that mysterious X scar on Daryl's back that matched Michonne's. We found out that Maggie had left Hilltop to join Georgie in helping another new group, but now she had to wonder why she and Michonne had apparently been in some sort of inter-communal feud. We saw Jesus and Aaron doing clandestine meetings, but wait … was there a romantic element in those meetings?

So many questions! So we brought these questions to showrunner Angela Kang for a professional view of all this and more, including a look forward to the first half-season next week. (Read both pages for the entire interview.)

WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT: First of all, we get to the most important thing right away: Daryl has a dog! Norman told me for six years that he wanted a dog on the show, so tell me how he finally got his wish.
ANGELA KANG: When I started the show in the second season, I was also Team Daryl Should Have a Dog. It's something that has been beaten for a long time, and it never happened. And to be honest, a dog would die pretty fast during some of the seasons they were in.

So we were talking about how we can show the state in which Daryl is? And I thought it would be nice if he had been out for a while after Rick's supposed death. Daryl just left. And Daryl is someone who hunts and goes around and does things, and it seemed like a dog is a good companion. Show that there is still the desire that he has a connection in some way. And so the dog is his faithful companion. In my mind, there's also a story behind where that dog came from. And that's how we ended up with a dog.

And Norman wanted to help choose the type of dog, so he kept sending me messages of adorable dogs for weeks. And the two dogs that play the dog are fantastic. The main dog, his name is Seven, and he is so adorable and a dog so big. So it's a lot of fun to finally see Norman working with puppies.

My God. You totally disappointed me when you said "Yes, but you know, if we had given him a dog some time ago, I'm sure he would have died at some point." And I'm like, "Oh my God. This dog is going to die!" You're settling us completely, and you're putting Daryl to love this dog, and then something absolutely terrible will happen.
Oh my God. I do not know if I have the heart to kill the dog, buddy.

Look, you can kill any person you want. Do not touch the dog! But staying true to Daryl, it seems he had some difficulty with closing after losing Rick. What's going on here with him in search of his friend and then just like being alone? I do not know if there is a grid in the apocalypse, but if there is, it lives there.
He definitely lived off the grid. I think after Rick left, he immediately thought, "Okay, what's next?" After that pain. And I think he would continue to look for something for the closure, for himself, but also for Michonne, who is a great friend and was the love of her brother in the apocalypse.

When this led to nothing, he became the solitary wolf that has always been a bit threatening. He always goes around saying "I'm better alone". There are times when he wants to escape from the group, and in the end he has done it. I think that in our mind in history, probably spent a little time trading among the communities. He kept in touch. Obviously, Carol knows where it is. But contact has become less and less in time. And this seemed very true for the kind of who Daryl is, but also where his mental space is located. Why what will he come back to? He does not really want to be the bureaucratic boss of a community. He lost his brother and somehow lost his way when it happened. So it's a bit of a starting point for him. And then we'll see what I hope is an interesting bow for him during the season when Carol arrives and will lure him back into the fold.

Speaking of people who do not want to be leaders, we get our first look at Hilltop and Jesus has been handling it since Maggie leaves with Georgie who helps with a new community. This is interesting because Jesus is a boy in both comics and on the TV show he never wanted to drive, and you really explore it here, do not you?
There are some characters that, even if they show a certain leadership in certain situations, the idea of ​​being behind a desk or making sure that the food is valid and that the stuff is distributed and this and that, it's not just who they are . And I think that Jesus, like the person who was some sort of right-hand man for Maggie and someone who had been there at Hilltop since the early days, is someone to whom people naturally should look.

Yet it is something that is struggling because it is the guy who likes to be out there riding or running around the landscape. He was the recruiter. Much like the way Daryl and Aaron went out, Jesus likes to be out there in the world. He likes to dig. He loves to find new things, new places and new people. And so it's in a place where he's struggling with that.

And in a sense, Tara is really taking on some of the responsibilities that perhaps should have been responsible for Jesus. So it's a little bit in this strange place. Even at the beginning, Maggie was a bit like, "Why do not you run this place instead of Gregory?" He is like, "This is not me." And this is really the character we've always seen. And so we wanted to play a little bit of all this.

How excited was Tom Payne for the man's sandwich?
I think he was pretty excited. And I must say that he lulled pretty well. It looks good with him.

Speaking of Jesus, you put him and Aaron together in these secret meetings they are having. Comic fans know that they become a couple there. Are you starting to set it up here?
I can not talk about this in the future. What we thought was true is that here there are two people who have much in common and who certainly have very similar philosophies. They were the respective recruiters for their communities. And so it seemed like there was a natural friendship there.

We were leaving, Alexandria and Hilltop had a kind of freezing between them. They did not have many contacts. There is clearly only one beef that happened there. And just the idea that there are at least some people who … are almost like conducting secret diplomatic missions with one another. But there is a friendship there. They like each other. But it's actually based on who they are as characters, people who want to keep connections, because they are the people who make those connections in the first place. (The interview continues on the next page.)

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