The waltz of regrets of the ministers of culture


In twenty-five years, Valois's road knew twelve tenants. While Franck Riester has just succeeded Françoise Nyssen, eight of their predecessors testify to the difficulty of the job.



After only seventeen months, Françoise Nyssen returned, becoming one of the most ephemeral ministers of culture and communication. The publisher Arlésienne, taken away from the reshuffle and replaced by Franck Riester, is far from the first to have made a flash passage rue de Valois. In the past twenty-five years, this ministry has seen no less than twelve tenants. Whether from the political world or civil society, their fate has been comparable. Difficult, with an average duration of two years in the office, to print your brand and carry out projects. Only André Malraux and Jack Lang have held this position for ten years each and have become tutelary figures.

But what "curse" does this ministry that will celebrate, in 2019, its sixtieth anniversary? Why such a fugacity of its owners? While Franck Riester has just composed – not without difficulty – his cabinet, eight former ministers of culture have agreed to return to their experience and entrust their memories on this once-so-coveted and so exposed post. Solicited by The worldJack Lang (in office from May 1981 to March 1986 and from June 1988 to March 1993) did not wish to mix his word with that of his successors. More than bitterness, it is regrets that prevail among those who know it "The most beautiful departments".

To have (or less) the trust of the president

De Gaulle-Malraux, Mitterrand-Lang, the former ministers give an envious glance to these duets that have marked the history of the Rue de Valois. André Malraux and Jack Lang not only stayed for a decade, but also enjoyed public and strong support from Elisha, and for the latter, doubling the ministry's budget. since, "We are witnessing a trivialization of the cultural debate and its place in the public discourse", says Jacques Toubon (in post of …


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