The war between Israel and Gaza has already killed more minors than all world conflicts in one year: the victims rise to 3,340 children and adolescents

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The three weeks of war between Israel and the Palestinian militias in Gaza have caused more children to die than the annual total of minors who have died in conflict zones around the world since 2019, the NGO Save the Children reported this Sunday.

Since the war broke out on October 7, more than 3,340 children and adolescents died in Gazaas well as 33 in West Bank and others 29 in Israela figure “greater than the number of minors killed in armed conflicts around the world in the course of a year” in twenty countries, the organization said.

The children killed in the Strip represent 40% of the total number of Palestinians killed in the entire enclave due to Israeli bombings, which are now more than 8,000, according to data from the Ministry of Health of the Strip, controlled by the Islamist group Hamas.

Added to this figure are “another thousand missing children in Gaza, who are assumed to have been buried under the rubble,” so “the number of fatalities is likely to be much higher,” Save the Children said.

According to their data, more than 6,300 minors have been injured in Gaza, 180 in the West Bank and 74 in Israel.

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