The Warframe convention highlights the technological sector of the city


Thousands of players participated in TennoCon 2019, a convention that celebrates the Warframe online video game. The game is developed by Digital Extremes based in London.

Max Martin / The London Free Press

If you've seen futuristic science fiction warriors handle lasers and blasters this weekend, don't be alarmed.

TennoCon, an annual gaming convention, brought thousands of players to Forest City on Saturday to celebrate the Warframe video game developed in London, many of them dressed as their favorite characters.

The convention, now in its fourth edition, was held by London-based Digital Extremes, the developer behind the popular cooperative online game.

Nearly 50 million people worldwide play Warframe.

Fans attending the convention met game developers, competed in Cosplay Costume competitions, tried escape rooms and tested their playing skills against other Warframe players.

"It's super surreal," said Scott McGregor, design director for the game. "The fans' response gets better every year. Community support takes me away."

He said the success of Warframe and TennoCon speaks of a growing technology industry in London.

"There are a lot of companies popping up here," he said. "We want to support the local community".

More than 2000 of the most die-hard fans of the game participated in the event.

The line to get in extended out of the RBC Place entrance, formerly the London Convention Center, onto Wellington Street, and again around King Street.

Steven Wright traveled from Manchester, England, to TennoCon. He stopped in Michigan to meet friends he had met while playing online before the group made the trip to the London convention.

"I've been playing for years," he said. "You can make friends all over the world."

The winner of last year's Cosplay contest, which is the pseudonym of Crystal Sunrise, returned this year dressed as his favorite character, Ember Sun.

The Michigan native said Digital Extremes helps build a dense community of players.

"Warframe means a lot to us as friends and family," said Sunrise. "It gave me some bad times. At the end of the day it's something all your friends play."


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