The warring parties in Yemen meet for the 3rd day of talks in Sweden


RIMBO, Sweden – The belligerent parties in Yemen meet for a third day of talks in Sweden aimed at stopping the country's catastrophic 4-year war.

Both the internationally recognized government, which is supported by a US-led coalition and led by the Saudis, both Iran-backed Houthi rebels say they are working for peace.

The Houthi delegation said that the talks were divided into five main sections, including discussions on a political framework and the opening of the Sanaa airport for aid.

The talks opened on Thursday on a positive note, with the warring parties accepting a large exchange of prisoners, fueling hopes that the talks would not deteriorate into further violence as in the past.

US officials have tried to minimize expectations from the talks, saying they do not foresee rapid progress towards a political solution.

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