The Wayward Realms, the RPG of the ex-developers of the Elder Scrolls, is ‘far away’

During yesterday we talked about the project The Wayward Realms, an ambitious RPG that comes from the hand of veterans of the saga The Elder Scrolls, joined in a new development team called OnceLost Games. Although we had the opportunity to know their first features and images, the truth is that the study has rushed to give the following point: the release of this title is “several years away”. In this way, they confirm that it is still in its early stages of development.

The Wayward Realms, still has a long way to go

Since the game announced its first details yesterday, the OnceLost Games team has been trying to solve all player questions on Twitter. The Wayward Realms take users to immerse themselves in the so-called Archipelago, made up of 100 islands of considerable size where they will have to take part in the power and hierarchy games of the different factions that occupy this territory.

Of course, the question of rigor was not long in coming: when will we be able to enjoy this title. From OnceLost Games they have been quick to make it clear that even they are not ready yet to specify a year or a launch window. “It’s still too early to say, sorry,” the study’s response reads. “We’re probably a wings away“In another response, the following could also be read:” We are not in a hurry, which is very painful for some people, we know. But we want to fulfill our ambitions“.

“No hurry”

Julian LeFay and Ted Peterson, Lead Developers at The Elder Scrolls Arena Y The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, were in charge of founding OnceLost Games in 2019. At that time they already announced that they were preparing a new game, but it was not until this week when we began to know more solid details of the project. “This new setting, The Wayward Realms, has as purpose relive the genre of role-playing games applying modern development standards and advances in quality of life to the design philosophy of classic role-playing games “, you can read in his web page.

Choices, consequences, scope, and role play will be experienced like never before, with in-depth class and combat systems, a look at complex and dynamic faction relationships, and a realistic-scale open world where players will experience a new kind of game: the great role-playing game. “Given these aspirations, it is understandable that The Wayward Realms need a longer cooking time.

More details confirmed

During the question and answer session on Twitter, the development study also indicated that it is mainly a first person game; although there are intentions to incorporate a third person perspective (we assume that following the style of The Elder Scrolls). On the other hand, not be completely bent: “Mostly there will be texts for the dialogues”.

Yes OK The Wayward Realms is scheduled to debut on PC, the developers hope the game will eventually be available on consoles too. They are currently focused on the desktop version. “With the hardware of the newer generations and Unreal making it easier to do the versions, it is a good possibility [que se lance tambin en consolas], but we don’t promise anything. “


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