The Wealth of the Regent of Jember Bacalon: Hendy Has IDR 23 Billion, Gus Firjaun IDR 4 Million

JEMBER, – Candidates for Regent and Deputy Regent Jember, Hendy Siswanto – Balya Firjaun Barlaman, conveyed his wealth.

Hendy Siswanto claims to have a wealth of Rp 23 billion. Meanwhile, his deputy, Gus Firjaun, only has Rp. 4 million.

“We have compiled a report wealth, which is around IDR 23 billion, ”said Hendy Siswanto during a press conference at the winning post on Friday (4/9/2020) night.

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The amount will be reported in the property report of the state office.

Hendy is a former ASN for 23 years at the Ministry of Transportation.

He then retired early and continued his business in Jember. Starting from the fashion business to mineral water.

Hendy claims to have lived life from scratch. When he was young, his career started as a tape seller in Tanjung Market and stations.

After that, he tried his luck to Jakarta and became a civil servant. “2015 I retired early, returned to Jember,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Gus Firjaun himself admitted to having assets of Rp. 4 million in his personal account.

“I do not have a house, the house that belongs to my wife,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Islamic boarding school that he manages is the legacy of his parents, namely the former Rais Aam PBNU, the late KH Achmad Shiddiq.

In addition, he also owns land in Mayang District, Jember.

“There are vehicles, motorbikes, Rp. 4 million in a 4 million account,” he said.

He himself was surprised when he was asked to become deputy regent from Hendy Siswanto.

Because he did not have sufficient capital preparation, especially material. “When Pak Hendy asked me, I told him what it was,” he explained.

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Gus Firjaun is a kiai who was educated at a pesantren. Besides having studied at MAN 1 Jember, he also studied at the Tebuireng and Ploso Islamic Boarding Schools.

He has also been a member of the Kendiri Regency DPRD and a member of the East Java DPRD.

“I was ordered by the kiai to get involved in politics when PKB was first born,” he said.


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