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The Estimates Department of the Meteorology Department of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation expected the weather in Lebanon today, Wednesday, to be partly cloudy, with high clouds, with a slight decrease in temperatures.
General condition: The eastern Mediterranean basin remains under the influence of relatively warm air masses until Friday, as it is gradually affected by an air depression centered over Greece accompanied by cold air masses, which leads to volatile and rainy weather and continues until the beginning of next week.
Note: The meteorological department denies the existence of a cloud of sulfur dioxide bound to Lebanon due to the failure of satellites to monitor the existence of this giant cloud, and the centers that monitor volcanic activities have not issued any warnings related to this issue to our region, and what has been monitored is limited only to the vicinity of a volcano. Etna in Sicily and its neighboring countries.
Weather forecast in Lebanon:
Thursday: Partly cloudy, with a significant drop in temperatures, which are due to their seasonal levels, as well as high humidity and dense fog sometimes forms on the heights.
Friday: Partly cloudy and an additional drop in temperature. Light and sporadic rains fall from the afternoon, especially in the southern regions, and the winds sometimes get strong.
– Saturday: Partly cloudy to cloudy sometimes without any change in temperature. Scattered rain sometimes falls during the day, and it is expected that it will intensify with the occurrence of thunderstorms and active winds, which increase to reach speeds of 70 km / h, especially in the northern regions.
Expected temperatures: On the coast from 13 to 24 degrees, over the mountains from 14 to 21 degrees, in the interior from 9 to 22 degrees.
Surface wind: Southwestern in daytime, southern at night, speed between 10 and 30 km / hr.
Diffusion: Medium, worsens sometimes due to dust.
Relative humidity on the coast: Between 45 and 70%
Sea: Low wave height.
Water surface temperature: 19 degrees.
– Atmospheric pressure: 761 mm Hg.

Source: SMD

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