The weather will be mixed


As beautiful as here in Letschin in Brandenburg will not be everywhere in the coming week.
Picture: ZB

The weather will be mixed. In some regions tomorrow, on the day of the European elections, the screen should also be inserted into the electoral documents.

DThe weather in Germany is mixed in the coming days. In the north and south, it is supposed to rain on Sunday, only in the middle of the country from time to time shows the sun, as the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Saturday.

Who goes in Hamburg, East Frisia or Schleswig-Holstein on the day of the European elections in the open, should therefore also take an umbrella along with election documents. In the south of the Main, by contrast, according to DWD, it is usually dry and the sun can be seen. Only in the extreme south could it give light showers. The temperatures reach 14 to 19 degrees in the north, otherwise it is warmer – the people on the Upper Rhine can look forward to a whopping 25 degrees.

The week then starts less cheerfully across the country. It should be cloudy to cloudy, especially over the middle of the Republic expect the weather experts light rain. This will be in the course of the day but after. On the edge of the Alps there are showers or thunderstorms. Temperatures ranged from 15 degrees on the Baltic to 23 degrees in the southeast. At times, the wind could refresh in some places strong gusty.

On Tuesday, the weather spectacle is a similar. On the Alps, it continues to rain, otherwise it would be variable to very cloudy. Showers are to be expected, to the west there could be thunderstorms with heavy rain. The 20-degree mark is no longer cracked.

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