The week will end with hot and sunny weather – in Latvia

On the last day of the week, sunny and hot weather is expected, with the air temperature rising to almost +30 degrees, weather forecasters predict.

On Sunday, the effect of the high pressure branch will remain, so the weather will be dry and sunny all over Latvia.

A slow wind will blow, but in part of the coast the wind will be slightly stronger and will blow from the north. The air temperature will rise to + 27… + 29 degrees, only in places, mostly on the coast, the air will not be warmer than + 21… + 26 degrees.

In the middle of the day and in the afternoon, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation will be moderately high, so prolonged exposure to the sun with exposed parts of the body should be avoided.

In Riga on the day the sky will be clear and no precipitation is expected. A slow to moderate north wind will blow. The air warms up to +27 degrees.

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