The weight falls again and the dollar sells for over 20 pesos


CDMX.- The dollar again exceeds 20 pesos.

This morning the Mexican currency fell again through agitated markets, for the commercial differences of United States is porcelain, through monetary decisions of central banks and statements by the president Donald Trump on the Federal Reserve.

In addition to the weight, the bags also lost this morning.

The free dollar in Citibanamex increases by 15 cents, to 20.02 pesos in its sale and to 19.17 in its purchase, just as the devaluation of the yuan in China ended last Monday.

The parity of the variations between the weight and the dollar wholesale is placed at 19.6845 for the purchase and at 19.6945 for the sale, 9.67 cents more than yesterday.

The Chinese currency is traded at 7.0620 yuan per dollar, 3.56 cents more than on Tuesday 6th August.

Trump's sayings against the Federal Reserve

President Trump published today in chirping that the Federal Reserve is "very proud to admit its mistakes" and should cut its benchmark rate faster and faster.

In the economy part of Europein Germany, industrial production decreased by 1.5% monthly in June and 5.2% compared to the same month last year in a moment of commercial shock between the two largest economies on the planet, the United States and China.

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