The weight ranks the seventh week of earnings, the longest series since 2008


Despite the slight decline in the Mexican peso on the day, the currency managed to reach its highest level since September 2018 and on the weekly budget recorded the seventh week of earnings, the longest since 2008.

The Bank of Mexico reported that the interbank dollar closed this Friday a 19.14 units, after losing 0.08%.

in bank window, the greenback is sold in 19.45 units, according to data from Citibanamex.

During the session, the exchange rate of weight against the dollar peaked at 19.1870 units, while the minimum rate was at 19.0599 units, on the wholesale market.

According to Bloomberg's information, in the second week of operations in 2019, the Mexican currency was classified as the fourth with the best performance among the most global negotiations, winning 1.17 percent.

The positive weight behavior came after a week when the Federal Reserve minutes confirmed that they will be patient and flexible with the measures put in place to continue increasing interest rates.

He also benefited from the weakness of the dollar globally, in addition to the positive statements of the Secretary of the Treasury, Carlos Urzúa, which predicts that the greenback will continue to fall to 19 pesos and "fortunately" beyond.

In a report from the Base Bank, the weakening of the dollar during today's operations is due to the publication of inflation in the United States, which stood at an annual rate of 1.9% in December, at below 2.2% in November.

This was the result of a negative monthly inflation of 0.1%, the first decline since March 2018.

At the local level, the weight force was supported by the Ministry of Finance, which announced on Thursday the hiring of oil covers that guarantee a price of 55 dollars per barrel for the national oil production of 2019.

"The continuity of the orthodox economic policies associated with fiscal prudence, such as the implementation of oil cover, has sent a positive signal to the market, which has contributed to the appreciation of the weight in night operations (overnight), commented Gabriela Siller, director of economic and financial analysis at the Banco Base in the press release.


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