Every time ms companies opt for to promote the practice of sports among its employees, an action that now has been altered with the global pandemic by coronavirus. The companies are now looking to how to adapt to the new situation and require alternative and innovative solutions to continue focusing on the exercise and healthy living.

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Description generated automticamenteUna option to the sports championships or the traditional popular races is the challenge Oh Europe!, a solution developed byBiwelthat promotes cohesin from your computer by using the habit of daily activity physical and gamificacin.

The challenge O Europe! it consists of a journey in which, over six weeks, different teams formed by workers to travel virtually through different countries of Europe surpassing the six stages of this challenge, at the same time that the participants, the workers, be able to discover the culture and the gastronoma of each place. In this month and a half, Oh Europe! records the steps that each person has made in their real life by bonding with wearables and applications such as Google Fit, Strava, Whitings orGarminwho has reached an agreement with Biwel to offer special pricing on the acquisition of their bracelets in the contratacin of one of the two platforms of health and well-being.

The platform allows you to visualize the progress of the team and the rest of the groups and, using an algorithm, trace the results to determine the winner. Each company will award a prize to the team or winning teams. Your implementacin in the company is easy and fast. Companies such as Cajamar, Lidl, Red Cross, Madrid or Group Sifu, have already enjoyed the experience, and ms 30% of their workers have improved their activity physical daily at the end of the challenge.

“The goal of this challenge is to raise awareness to people to be active in his da da and create a better cohesin team despite of telework, and the personal circumstances of each worker. This type of activities helps the companies not only to promote hbitos healthy but also to attract and retain talent, particularly in a scenario of uncertainty and unease”, maintains Estel Mallorqu.

At the same time, during this time of confinement, we have understood the importance of health as a resource for daily life. And it is for this reason that international companies have resorted to Biwel to offer their workers health care solutions and well-being during what is left of this 2020 and the next 2021, anteponindose as to various scenarios in which the Covid-19 can be present, and condition our routine work.

“For those companies in the national and/or international that are looking to implement a platform and app for health and well-being within its cultural strategy, a step beyond a challenge spot, Biwel can offer a solution in the medium-long term”, seala the founder of the company catalana. In this sense, Biwel provides a channel of health and wellness effective and motivating the employees to be able to consume a custom training actions, services, social benefits, challenges, online, and more than 400 content hbitos healthy in different languages by promoting the feeling of belonging and creating a healthy community. While, the responsible of the team be able to monitor the hbitos healthy of the template through this tool can be integrated in the employee portal and/or intranet, multi-language, 100% secure and confidential. Companies such as Esteveteijin, Idilia, Freixenet and Formwork Alsina, already are using.

The comprehensive solutions to improve the health and well-being at work represent benefits in the reduction of health care costs, improved well-being and personal performance, building a culture of healthy, integrates and optimizes human resources programs, among them the improvement of the Employer Branding of the organisation for the attraction of the best talent.

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