The well-known carmaker is withdrawing from Europe, Mitsubishi has several reasons for this step Car

Prague Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi has announced that it will withdraw from Europe. The new Outlander SUV models or the Eclipse Cross hybrid have not yet reached European markets, and the company will continue to focus on Southeast Asia.


Financial problems led the company to decide. In the first quarter of 2020, the company sold 176.2 billion yen (roughly 37.5 billion crowns) and, according to available information, the company sweated with a sharp loss for the rest of the year. quarterly sales of the carmaker fell by about 57% compared to last year.

The main coronavirus crisis is to blame, but the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is facing problems since the scandal surrounding the execution of the former Carlos Ghosna in Japan. Written emission regulations in the European Union are also a major factor. At the same time, it requires carmakers to sell electric cars as much as possible, which Mitsubishi cannot currently afford.

Mitsubishi 27. ervence zveejnilo pln s nzvem Mal, but krsn, in which it emphasizes the shift to profitable markets, especially in the region of Southeast Asia. There, he wants to increase his thorn from 10.6% to 11%. At the same time, however, the mark will remain in the United States, in which, paradoxically, I will sell more cars, not in Europe.

Diamond models from the European market will not disappear immediately. At present, their sales and service continue without restrictions, as long as they comply with EU emission regulations, he said. server Marek Vodika from eskho represented by Mitsubishi. How long the available models such as the Eclipse Cross SUV as well as the modernized Space Star and ASX models will be sold is not yet known.

Mitsubishi has put them from car brands that leave Europe. Others are, for example, the company Chevrolet, the Italian Lancia and the gun-down village Saab.



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