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The White House has proposed cutting the budget of the State Department and the Development Agency

Donald Trump proposes to get cuts primarily through review of programs and parameters for the delivery of humanitarian aid and other types of assistance, following his budget proposals for the coming year.

Photo: Fernando Vergara / AP

US President Donald Trump, in his fiscal proposals for the 2020 fiscal year, has called for a reduction in funding from the US State Department and the United States International Development Agency (USAID) of the 23% compared to the level foreseen in the document of the last year. Budget proposals are published on the White House website.

The fiscal year 2020 in the United States begins on October 1st of this year. The total funding of the two departments will be $ 12.3 billion less than expected. Overall, the State Department will receive $ 40 billion (in the international direction, the president asks to allocate another $ 1.6 billion – but will be directed to relevant US Treasury programs).

Specific programs and activities, whose funding has been decided to reduce, are not indicated in the document. With "efficient use of resources", the budget funding of the two organizations will be reduced, while the US international agencies will be "adapted to the current era" and "will bring better results for the American people".

Trump has proposed to send $ 500 million to fight the "pernicious influence of Russia"

Trump proposes to ask for "international partners" for a more responsible distribution of the expenditures for humanitarian assistance programs. In addition, the president believes it is necessary to prioritize payments to international organizations that are "closer to American interests". Washington will seek to improve the effectiveness of organizations, including the UN, and a more equitable distribution of financial burdens between countries.



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