The White House negotiates with the senators a possible reform of the asylum in the United States


Washington, United States.

Jared Kushner, son of the American president, Donald Trump, is negotiating with two senators a possible bipartisan agreement to reform the asylum system in the country, in the attempts of the White House limit this option for the undocumented that come to the southern border.

As reported by the Politico newspaper, Kushner met with the Republican senator on Tuesday Lindsey Graham and the democrat Dick Durbin try to find a bipartisan consensus to change the law on asylum.

According to the NPR public radio, the two senators also want to reach an agreement with the White House increase guarantees for undocumented children who came to the United States as children, known as "dreamers".

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Graham and Durbin presented in March a version of the "Dream Act" bill to grant citizenship to some of the "dreamers" who have been in limbo since Trump suspended the protected executive program in 2017 from deportation, called Deferred Action (DACA).

The meeting, however, focused mainly on asylum policies and led Graham to rethink a bill he had presented on the subject and to present a first vote on Thursday, hoping to find a more centrist version .

That proposal from Graham would require asylum seekers to make their documents in Mexico or in their country of origin and would authorize the recruitment of hundreds of other immigration judges.

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Durbin said today he had presented Graham and other Republican leaders with some possibilities to reform the law and turn it into a bipartisan.

"I am working with Senator Graham on several political issues, I think I have indicated five or six things that I think the Democratic senators would have supported and I begged him to accept it so he could move forward," Durbin told a group of journalists. .

The legislator said he could reach an agreement with Graham until the definition of "asylum" has changed or the so-called "Flores agreement" will be stopped, which prevents the authorities from detaining children for a period longer than 20 days

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