The White House refuses to release Trump's tax return ONLINE TIME


The White House has a request from the Democrats to give a look
the tax returns of the president of the United States Donald Trump rejected. on
the question of whether the Democrats see Trump's tax returns
his chief of staff Mick Mulvaney replied
Fox sender: "never".

Mulvaney Voters said they voted for President Trump even though they knew he had his
I do not want to disclose tax returns. He launched the Democrat
his request was purely politically motivated. A politician
But the attack is not a valid reason for the IRS
for a return of tax returns.

is the first president of the United States since Richard Nixon, who is his
Tax return secret – so far it was always a tradition
it was the vision of their presidential candidate
Give tax return. In the summer of 2017, Trump gave
just an abbreviated explanation of his financial statement
Conditions from. He justified this by saying that his books
would be controlled This has speculation about his income and
fed his fortune.

it's not an autocracy, "said Democrat Dan
Kildee the ABC transmitter. "The president cannot do it alone
decide for yourself and for the congress, which is legitimate
Object of the investigation could be. Before his election a
President Trump had millions of dollars in real estate and
Hotel business done.

Democrats reject political motivations

to the
Wednesday he had the democratic president of the tax law
US House of Representatives, Richard Neal, of
IRS authorized by the United States to deliver both personnel and
also Trump's corporate documents from the last six
Years ago Neal said he wanted to clarify the extent to which the
The tax authority has examined the president's decisions and how strict
she did this

The president of the United States had immediately made it clear that it was a surrender
wants to oppose his tax returns to Congress. As before, he justified this with a run for years
tax audit. Until this is completed, he will be the documents
do not publish. As Trump's chief of staff, Mulvaney has also launched his own
The private lawyer Jay Sekulow has suffered a pre-democratized abuse of power. they
could ask tax authorities for their control methods,
Sekulow told ABC. "The idea of ​​the IRS as a policy
To be able to use a "weapon", it is legal as well
constitutionally wrong.

Democratic deputy Ben Ray Lujan rejected the charges
back. The committee's request was "in no way
politically, "said Lujan at the Fox broadcaster
History has never been necessary, tax returns
ask the presidents how they voluntarily published them
to have. But Trump has promised as a candidate
publish them as soon as he was elected – but then
he had refused to do so.



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