The white plate of the vehicle will be installed with a chip, the police explain its function


The black license plate will be replaced white plate. Not only that, the white plate will also be installed later chip in the form of radio frequency identification (RFID).

Chip It is true that there will be in the future, especially now that it is Revolution 4.0,” said Director General of the National Police Korlantas Brigadier General Yusri Yunus in his statement, Friday (21/1/2022).

Yusri called chip it has many functions. later, chip The data can contain personal vehicle data, data on prosecution of evidence of violations, can be used for payments e-great as well as to pay for vehicle parking.

Chip it has many uses. Later chip it contains personal vehicle data. There is data on prosecution of evidence of violations and so on. Then it can be used for e-great and electronic parking,” said Yusri.

He explained the implementation chip on the white plate will collaborate with the toll road provider. The owner of the vehicle with the wrong plate type will not be able to pass through the toll gate.

Furthermore, Yusri said that the replacement of the black to white plates was free of charge. His party will begin to socialize the use of the white plate.

“And this is all without burdening the community, without any costs. We ask for support as we go slowly this year for socialization,” said Yusri.

White Plates Coming into Use in 2022

Previously, the Traffic Corps (Korlantas) of the Police had prepared a number of innovations in the field of registration and identification of motorized vehicles. The new TNKB (motor vehicle number sign) will later be equipped with chip.

The Head of Sub-Directorate for STNK Korlantas Polri Kombes Taslim Chairuddin explained that the replacement of new number plates or TNKB with a white base would be carried out in stages. This replacement is regulated in Police Regulation Number 7 of 2021 concerning Registration and Identification of Motorized Vehicles which has been promulgated and effective since May 5, 2021.

“Currently we are waiting for the material procurement process that follows the government’s procurement rules for goods and services. Hopefully in mid-2022 we will start using it,” said Taslim when contacted, Wednesday (5/1/2022).

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