The WHO warning about the expansion of the pandemic: “Talking about the second wave does not make sense, it is a single great wave”

“It will be a great wave. It makes no sense to speak of second or third wave and therefore we avoid defining it that way.”

They were the words of Dr. Margaret Harris, spokesperson for the World Health Organization (WHO), when asked this Tuesday about the series of sprouts of coronaviruses that are appearing in different regions of the world.

During a virtual press conference, Harris attempted to clear up the confusion that the coronavirus is a “seasonal virus” and it appears in waves like influenza or flu, since many countries currently in summer, such as the United States, continue to suffer a high number of cases.

Instead, he said that it is a “only hello“What will go up and down”.

According to the count of John Hopkins University on July 28, the world has almost been infected 17 million people and Have they died more than 660,000 for covid-19, the disease that causes the new coronavirus.

The tourist city Da Nang, in Vietnam, prohibited the entry of tourists and evacuated 80,000 people after the appearance of a score of cases of coronavirus. Image Copyright: GETTY IMAGES

The most affected country is the United States, with more than 4 million infections and close to 150,000 deaths.

Harris’s statements come amid a resurgence of cases in various regions of the world, such as Asia and Europe, which had initially succeeded in slowing down and flattening the curve of the epidemic.

Why the WHO wants to avoid talking about “second wave”

In the words of Margaret Harris, the coronavirus is not influenced by “seasonal waves” like other pathogens.

“This virus is very different. It likes all kinds of climates. What influences transmission are mass gatherings, people getting together and not respecting prevention and social distancing measures,” Harris said.

So, “we have a big wave with ups and downs that we will have to flatten and make sure we only get our feet wet a little,” added the expert.

“There seems to be an ingrained idea that it is a seasonal virus but there is a huge outbreak, the most intense, in the United States. They meet there in the middle of summer. The same is true of Brazil, an equatorial country, “Harris continued.


In the case of the USA, other experts have also pointed out that the new increase in cases since June is not due to a second wave.

America is not in a second wave because the first wave never really stopped. Simply, the virus spreads in new populations or resurfaces in places that lowered their guard too soon, “he said in an article in The Conversation Melissa Hawkins, from the American University in Washington DC, in the USA.

But the increase in cases has not only taken place in the North American country.

People returning home at London Heathrow Airport.

British tourists had to advance their return from holidays after the United Kingdom quarantined travelers from Spain. Image Copyright: GETTY IMAGES

On July 26, China experienced its largest increase in infected since March. And the city of Hong Kong banned eating in restaurants on Monday to stop a new outbreak.

Vietnam, which had not reported any coronavirus infection since April, evacuated 80,000 people from the city of Da Nang after detecting a score of cases.

And in Europe, countries such as Spain, France or Germany are watching with concern the rebound in infections and have warned about the possibility to repeat the confinements of the population if the situation is not controlled.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that some European countries are showing “signs of a second wave of the pandemic.”

These statements came after this country forced travelers from Spain to quarantine for fear of outbreaks that are taking place.

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