News The wife of a famous lawyer anti quarantine has...

The wife of a famous lawyer anti quarantine has COVID

The lawyer Marian Gallego, partner lawyer Mauricio DAlessandro and who usually have charge of criminal cases for many famous, confirmed Monday that tested positive for coronavirus.


However, her husband DAlessandro, who during the quarantine is more exposed than it to be in some tv programs, gave negative.

The lawyer works on the program Fantino to the Afternoon, which fulfills the function of being against any measure adopted on the pandemic and has even managed to make angry at the driver for his irresponsible statements.


The lawyer told them that they realized to have symptoms of the disease because on Saturday she asked her husband to buy him “some freesias to put together a few floral arrangements”.

“When I brought them I said, let these flowers do not smell like anything!. Then he looked at me and said to me, Have a lot of perfume. Then there is I set all the alerts and I went to the bathroom to try desperately to my perfumes and I realized that nothing of nothing. Zero! To such an extent that Mauricio brought me a spoon of vinegar, I did take, and I found water,” said Gallego.

In addition, continued: “And as soon as I step this, call me at my medical and she over the phone, I gave the order. That order the have to send by mail to a health center that does the testing private. I paid 7000 pesos for a transferI heard the mail of him falling on his computer while he snored, and woke up to see”.

“The results were mine positive and negative,” added the lawyer, who said that he feels “barbara”. Gallego, the negative DAlessandro, estimated that he could have contracted coronavirus when he went to do the shopping, since she only leaves her home for that.

“There is a supermarket in Palermo, closed by Covid-19 and I had just gone to the supermarket, with a mask, gloves and all, because I am a w. At that time I paid in cash and I agree that it does not grip nor the coins that I wanted to give.

In addition, use my changuito for everything. I re cared for, but it is the only opportunity that occurs to me, because I in the exercise of the profession, respect for all to the letter”, he considered.

Finally, the lawyer thanked have “brought home to the mother of Mauri, 96-year-old, and not having gone to see” their “parents.”


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