The wife of Dmitry Nazarov refused to comment on the establishment of an administrative case against her husband

Olga Vasilyeva answered the call of journalists, but refused to comment on the case against her husband about discrediting the Russian army.

Photo source: Yandex pictures

According to the StarHit publication, Vasilyeva announced her husband’s busy tour schedule, which does not allow her and Dmitry Yuryevich to waste time commenting on all the news. “We are on tour. Not before!”, she told reporters. The actor himself did not answer the questions of the curious.

Photo source: Yandex pictures

As you know, Nazarov and his wife are currently busy organizing a concert tour, which will have to take place in a number of foreign cities. Since the performances of the star couple in Russia were given up, they had to quickly look for other countries for further earnings.

Photo source: Yandex pictures

As for the institution of an administrative case against Dmitry Nazarov about discrediting the army, representatives of law enforcement agencies became seriously interested in the artist after he published anti-Russian poems and ditties. The actor, dismissed from the Chekhov MTX, shares provocative publications with subscribers with enviable regularity. And this is noticeably disliked by a large number of Russians.

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