The wife of “El Chapo” sentenced to three years in prison – VG

CONVICTED: Emma Coronel Aispuro after her husband was convicted in 2019.

The husband was sentenced to life in high security prison. Now the drug baron’s wife has also been convicted.


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Beauty queen and mafia wife Emma Coronel Aispuro (32), is sentenced to three years in US prison, for her role in her husband’s drug cartel.

She is married to Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzán, who has to spend the rest of her life in a high-security prison. He was in 2019 known guilty in the murder, money laundering and smuggling of tons of heavy drugs to the United States.

Aispuro is now also convicted in the US court system, where she was found guilty after charges of conspiracy, drug distribution and for helping her husband escape from a Mexican prison.

The sentence could also mean a life sentence for Aispuro, but the prosecution asked for a milder sentence because she has expressed remorse for her actions.

Watch “El Chapos” escape from prison – he evaporated through a hole in the shower:

Gives she was arrested in February this year, it was because prosecutors believed Coronel Aispuro was complicit in the smuggling of at least one kilogram of heroin, at least five kilograms of cocaine, at least 1,000 kilograms of marijuana and at least 500 grams of methamphetamine to the United States.

During the “El Chapos” trial, she appeared to support her husband in court every single day. She threw kisses at him – although many of his mistresses also testified.

The road to the courtroom was like a catwalk where she showed new outfits every day, and the photographers fought to get the best pictures of her.

The twin daughters were allowed to join, also dressed up for the occasion. She liked to talk to journalists and photographers, and shared sweets and biscuits with them, writes AP.

One day she made sure the man was given a blazer to wear to court, which matched her outfit: a burgundy velvet jacket.

Even after the trial was over, Aispuro continued to flash a luxurious lifestyle and high profile on social media – and became a hit on Instagram.

She constantly showed up in expensive clothes and jewelry, and drove luxury cars, writes DW. Despite not posting more than five photos on Instagram, she quickly gained over 600,000 followers.

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