The winner of the second largest lottery jackpot in the United States appears four months later internationally


Hope was about to fade. There was no trace of the mirth with which Simpsonville (South Carolina, East) had celebrated in October that one of its stores had sold the $ 1,537 million prize ticket. But this Monday, four months after the second biggest lottery jackpot in the United States won all the titles of the local press, the mysterious winner claimed his prize. The curious, however, were left wanting to know who was the lucky one who became a millionaire overnight in a rural city of 20,000 inhabitants: he decided to remain anonymous. The only thing that is known is that he decided that instead of receiving the amount divided into installments for 30 years, he preferred to immediately receive $ 878 million in cash.

The end of this story had many suspense. And it is that the luck of one hit the others: at KC Mart, the shop that sold the ticket, corresponds to receiving $ 50,000, which – after taxes – is about 30,000 that CJ Patel, the Indian immigrant who managed a little over three years ago, the store had advanced that it would distribute with its four workers. "Finally someone has claimed the ticket, good for him, good for me," said Patel in an interview with ABC News. "The money has already been spent."

The winner had until five o'clock in the afternoon of April 19th to present the winning ticket. The problem if no one appeared was a big word for the South Carolina government, one of the states with the lowest per capita income in the United States. The governor and the legislators had closed the 2019 budget by contemplating the 61 million tax revenues that constitute the premium for the public coffers of the place where the award is presented. In desperation they came to consider the elimination of the departure of the state budget. One of the Mega Millions rules is that the 44 States participating in the draw, when they receive the money for selling the winning ticket, must necessarily allocate a portion of the proceeds – in this case $ 11 million – to education. .

South Carolina is one of eight states, along with Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and Texas, where the lottery winners can remain anonymous, the right exercised by the winner. The Mega Millions award is the biggest one that has been awarded to a single winner in US history and the second largest in the world. The lottery company has changed the rules of the game in 2017, reducing the winning options to force the accumulation of a jackpot, which usually attracts more customers. The $ 1,537 million in question was obtained after almost three months that no one has guessed the winning combination. Until it has arrived the faceless winner



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