The winner of the tender for Dukovany could build three more nuclear units

“Last summer, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) asked us, based on agreements with the state, to add non-binding offers from bidders for the next sixth unit in Dukovany and for two new units in Temelín EDU6, ETE34 to the demand documentation. We have added this to the demand documentation, ”said Kříž.

Applicants for the construction of a new unit in Dukovany include the French company EDF, the South Korean KHNP and the North American Westinghouse. In November last year, companies sent a security questionnaire to the Czech Republic.

According to the CEO of ČEZ energy company Daniel Beneš, the safety assessment of the applicants for the construction of the new unit of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant will be completed by the end of January this year. Subsequently, according to his assumption, a tender can be announced. Beneš said this on January 6 in the Twenty Minutes program of Radiožurnál. In his opinion, the new bloc will be launched as expected in 2036.

According to Beneš, each questionnaire has several hundred pages. The aim of the security assessment is to evaluate all potential suppliers and obtain the information needed to ensure security interests. These include clarifying the ownership structure, the supply chain, the links of the entities concerned with the state, problems with project implementation, allegations and other problems in nuclear resource projects, technology and know-how transfer and more.

CEZ began the safety assessment in June. According to the assumptions, the Russian company Rosatom and the Chinese company CGN did not receive the safety questionnaire at the time, which the Czech government decided not to invite to the planned tender.

CEZ wants to speed up preparations

Beneš confirmed at Radiožurnál that ČEZ is planning to build three more nuclear units. According to him, the preparation of the construction of new Temelín blocks is at an advanced stage. According to him, it is now logical that the preparation work should now be accelerated so that the conditions of the taxonomy planned by the European Commission are met. According to Beneš, the new blocks would have to obtain a building permit by 2045 in order to be recognized as sustainable and could be financed within the taxonomy.

The European Commission (EC) is proposing to temporarily include nuclear energy and natural gas among the so-called green investments under certain conditions. Opponents of both technologies – nuclear resources and natural gas – reject the so-called taxonomy, ie the system of support for ecological investments. However, due to some conditions, their supporters are also cautioned. The Commission has to adopt proposals for the proposal by 21 January, and wants to approve it by the end of the month.

In 2020, all power plants in the Czech Republic supplied 81.4 TWh of energy to the transmission network, CEZ’s share in this volume was approximately 75 percent. At the same time, the share of coal has been declining for a long time and the production of zero-emission sources, such as hydro, photovoltaic, wind and nuclear power plants, is growing.

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