The winner of this year’s Czech Nightingale is facing a wave of criticism. The lyrics of his song celebrate the rape

Marek Ztracený, a singer from western Bohemia, is currently enjoying popularity mainly due to his win in this year’s Czech Nightingale.

The singer won several categories, for example in the category of the best singer, the best song (Moje Milá) or the absolute winner of the poll with the largest number of votes.

The woman longs for love, even though she claims she doesn’t want to

However, shortly after the end of the competition, the activist and co-founder of the Konsent organization drew attention to the hidden problem with the winner of the Czech Nightingale. Johanna Nejedlová, which has long drawn attention to the problems associated with sexual violence and dispels a number of myths circulating about sex and sexual violence.

The singer has a song in his repertoire that does not even try to hide the fact that he supports sexual intercourse without consent. The title of the song is It Becomes IV Better Families and, among other elements in the text, directly encounters the idealization of involuntary coercion on a woman.

The singer has not yet responded to the situation.

As the portal further writes Woman-In, The Consent has been fighting against similar stereotypes for a long time and is trying to change the legislation, which in the Czech Republic says that physical or verbal resistance is needed for rape. The organization seeks to ensure that all sex is considered rape without consent, without a condition of resistance, which sometimes victims are unable to express.

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