The woman "dumped the hot fat on the female victim" with severe burns –


A 61-year-old Ohio woman was arrested after throwing some hot fat on another woman during an argument.

Charlene Thompson, of Cincinnati, was arrested following an attack on a 5100 block at Hawaiian Terrace in Cincinnati, Ohio on Sunday afternoons.

His victim was left with severe burns to his back and arms, reported NBC4.

Thompson is facing charges of criminal aggression, a serious charge that could land her behind bars.

She was also wanted by the police in relation to two important warrants for criminal damages.

Thomson was taken into custody at Hamilton County Prison and should have been reported on Wednesday.

The scene of the attack on Hawaiian Terrace, Cincinnati

Thomson has a long history of assaults and other violent crimes, according to local media reports.

In March 2008, police said they had punched a victim in the face, but the charges were later withdrawn by prosecutors.

She was also accused of disorderly conduct while being drunk in 2008, but the charge was dismissed.

Thompson was also accused of kicking a police officer in Cincinnati and spitting an agent during an incident in July 2008.

In August 2007, Thompson was convicted of a criminal offense after police said they had entered an assisted living facility and attacked a resident who lived there.

Thompson has previously faced allegations of domestic violence

She was also accused of assault, but this accusation was withdrawn as part of a plea bargain, as evidenced by court documents.

And in 2006, Thompson was arrested on charges of domestic violence after allegedly injuring his daughter on December 24th.

This accusation was also archived months later, reports WXIX.

His bail has been set at $ 15,000 and his case will go to court on December 14th.

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