The woman praises the stranger on the Sydney train after he gave her a touching letter with a $ 20 bill.


A mother was traveling on a Sydney train when a stranger gave her a ticket.

The woman was with her nine-month-old daughter when the "gentle stranger in a suit and tie" insisted he take the money for his daughter's upbringing.

"This is not a gift. It is an investment. Please let your child know that an old Aboriginal invested $ 20 in his university fund," he read the letter.

Taken aback by the gesture, her mother turned to Reddit to publish a photo of the note and the gift, expressing her gratitude.

"Thank you very kind stranger on the train! They are people like you who make Sydney a better place," he said next to an image of the 20 dollar bill and the letter. "We will look at him and make sure you see him! Many love, a kind stranger in a suit, who has had a joyful interaction with our 9 month old girl!"

The post has continued to receive dozens of comments from users who praise the generous act of the foreigner.

"I needed warms and fuzzies today, thanks!" One person said.

"It's fantastic. Small gestures like this often go a long way," added another.

"This is a very good message and an example. This requires more attention," said a third person, while another one joked: "That man invests in the way of young people better than governments."

Some wondered why the term "college" was used, saying it was an American term, but others came to the defense of the stranger.

"I think you're focusing on the wrong thing here. But I bite it anyway. Does it really matter? Education is still education," said one person.

The woman and her daughter traveled on the south line to Sutherland.

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