The woman sells pet-friendly lottery resort business deals, guaranteeing a $ 680k profit


A Queensland mom giving away her $ 1.5 million "pet resort" is equivalent to making a guaranteed $ 680,000 gain if the sale goes on – or a big pile of money for nothing if she doesn't .

The Yapper Valley Pet Resort, about 25 minutes from Townsville, is selling $ 55 "tickets" for the competition in the form of online pet pictures – but the property will only be delivered if 40,000 tickets are sold.

This amounts to a total of $ 2.2 million, well above the $ 1.52 million total package, which includes 110 acres of land, a four-bedroom, two-bathroom, profitable business, and $ 30,000 cash.

If the total is not reached, the lottery winner will receive half of the ticket sales – a win for the owner and manager Natalie Giumelli, 31, who lives on the property with her two young children.

"We tried to sell it originally and basically the people didn't have the deposit they needed, because it's a rural commercial loan that obviously needed a little more, 30 percent and up." he said.

Ms. Giumelli was inspired by other companies drawn in similar competitions, including a resort in Micronesia in 2016, a pub in Newcastle in 2017 and a cafe on Phillip Island in 2018.

"We looked at each other and thought it could work for us," he said.

He insisted that the $ 680,000 "wasn't exactly profitable, though". "This applies to taxes and fees, plus marketing expenses, licenses and legal fees – we gave ourselves that swab," said Ms Giumelli.

While the five-year pet resort business is profitable, Ms Giumelli has decided to start a new adventure by selling goat's milk soap. "We have experienced a niche farming business and it has developed into something we really want to pursue full time," he said.

The lottery was originally scheduled for June 21, but Ms. Giumelli said it would be extended until September 23, but refused to reveal how many tickets had been sold.

"We will not release numbers until we are closer to our brand," he said.

He said he was "confident" that they would reach their goal.

"We had a boyfriend purchase of almost 100, there were quite a few people who bought more. They still earn half the money (if we don't reach 40,000), they still get an exceptional prize."

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