The woman tries to sell the entire building in the Facebook Marketplace


A woman from the Oklahoma was arrested for allegedly stealing an entire building and trying to avenge him online, according to a report.

Vicki Treaster, 36, is alleged to have swept a metal garage near Oklahoma City and published an ad on the Facebook marketplace trying to download it for $ A2200, according to

The owner of the facility told police that he was browsing the eBay-style page dedicated to selling items online when he saw a photo of his building for sale.

The announcement showed two people dismantling the garage, which he said was actually $ A9000.

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Asked by the police, Ms. Treaster would initially have lied about where she got the facility and later claimed that a friend had given her.

But the "friend" – who turned out to be the victim's brother – said she didn't give her permission to take it.

Mrs Treaster was accused of a count of grand larceny and a count of the illegal use of a computer network to make money.

The report did not notice when the structure was stolen, nor how big it was.

The announcement no longer appeared on the Facebook Marketplace on Wednesday.

This article originally appeared on New York Post and has been reproduced with permission



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