The women jumps to his death from Bridge, leaving 3 small children inside the car


A woman parked her car at the western Pennsylvania bridge and jumped to her death on June 14, leaving three small children inside the vehicle.

The Pittsburgh Public Security Department said that at around 7.20am on Friday, police, firefighters and emergency medical responders reached the Homestead Grays Bridge after Stanlee Allyn Holbrook, 26, crashed into the Monongahela River , reported TRIBLive.

The authorities found three children between the ages of one and nine inside the car. They were evaluated at a local hospital and, according to initial reports, were placed in the custody of Allegheny County Children, Youth and Family Services after the accident.

"The woman stopped her vehicle in the bridge traffic and went to the railing. The police discovered three children, aged 1 to 9, still in the vehicle," said Chris Togneri, spokesman for Pittsburgh Public Safety, according to TRIBLive.

When the rescuers went to look for his body, two lanes of traffic were closed and traffic was diverted to adjacent areas. The woman's body was later recovered from the river at 9:15 in the afternoon. on Fridays.

Pittsburg Post-Gazette reported that the woman was the mother of the three children. He was raising them alone, including one born prematurely.

Neighbors told the media that she was a dedicated mother.

"In today's world, you see many mothers struggling to do it on their own," Holbrook's neighbor, Joanna D's friend of McKees Rocks, told the Post-Gazette.

"But I just don't understand it at all. He didn't show a sign that something was wrong."

"He was always very good with his children and always took care of them," added D & # 39; friend.

Another neighbor, Lynette, told the media that he had seen his mother two days before jumping to death.

"She looked tired and like she had been up all night with the baby," Lynette said. "He had his problems. I know he was suffering and he had notes like everyone else."

Friend said that Holbrook was a disciplined mother and her mother often supported her in caring for her children.

"He would warn us that it would be very noisy when he wanted the children to finish, but he kept them all in line," Lynette said. "I can't say anything bad about her."

According to the most recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report, neighbors said the three children are currently with their grandmother.

According to FHIBI, last October the mother had written about her children on a Facebook post: "My children are the most real of my team, the love they give me is unconditional, it makes me hard but I joined this job, no matter the highs or lows I always gave him all my BCus, my creator gave me every day to evaluate them and share the best moments, feeling me feel like mommy I love you. "

Suicide hotline

If you are in an emergency situation in the United States or Canada, call 911. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on 1 800 273 8255. Young people can call the child care phone on 1800 668 6868.

In Australia, the Lifeline suicide prevention telephone line is 13 11 14. You can also visit the Lifeline website at Young people can contact the child care line by calling 1800 551 800 or visiting

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