The women’s team achieves changes in the RFEF but loses two players

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The women’s team will travel to Sweden to play the first match of the Nations League with 21 of the 23 players who were called up on Monday by the selector Montse Tomé. That was the agreement reached by the soccer players, with the presence of the president of their union, Futpro, and the RFEF with the mediation of the Higher Sports Council.

Only two players, whose identity is still unknown, will be called off and will leave the Oliva concentration in the next few hours because They are not in a mental state to continue and they will be replaced by two players that Tomé will call.

The decision was announced by the president of the CSD, Victor Francos, at five in the morning at the doors of the Valencian resort. “We have had very cordial meetings, with a very friendly and constructive tone in which the players have expressed themselves freely, and we have come to agreements that tomorrow will be drafted and signed”, Francos advanced.

The first of them is to create a “mixed tripartite commission that will ensure compliance with the agreements that have to do, in the case of the CSD, with the development of the Sports Law”.

The second is that the RFEF will make a series of changes that will be announced in the next few hours and that entail the departure of personnel from the federative structure and the replica for the men’s team environment for the women’s team, as confirmed by the president of the women’s football commission, Rafael Del Amo.

Among these changes, although he did not ratify it, will also be the dismissal of the secretary general, Andrew Fields These agreements satisfy the Government and also the players, as stated by the president of Futpro, Amanda Gutierrez, who considered them “the beginning of an understanding” that ends the open gap.

Until reaching this agreement, there was meetings lasting more than six hours of the 23 footballers, 15 of them World Champions, first with Víctor Francos, who was joined by representatives of the RFEF, and then only them with the coaching staff headed by Montse Tomé.

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