The wonderful recovery of the cat who lost a paw due to the umbilical cord

When found all alone in a Florida backyard, with no mother or siblings nearby, this kitten was just six or seven days old and was missing most of its right hind leg. A resident picked it up, took it home and posted a request for help on social media. The answer was Dannielle Southon, the founder of Orange County Southon Rescue.

From the photo he immediately understood that the amputation of a part of the leg had occurred in the uterus: “Most likely it was caused by the umbilical cord, wrapped too tightly.” “His bone was exposed and for this reason he was fighting a terrible infection”, also due to life on the street.

Dannielle welcomed the cat without hesitation: she cleaned the wound, gave him adequate food and medicine, as well as wrapping the stump in a band, to help him heal faster. Jack immediately showed a healthy appetite and despite the situation he was very active and wild.
“After three and a half days of antibiotics and medications, the paw started to heal. The swelling has gradually decreased and his stump today is great ». The little tripod was determined to get big and strong and its record time shot amazed everyone.

“Now that the stump is completely healed, it has also found its balance and new confidence in walking. The surgeon agreed that he did not need surgery, prostheses or other supports “: he lives to the full every day and since he learned to climb, nobody stops him anymore.

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