The workers of La Xarxa will become vacant – Noticias


The assembly of the workers of the Network approved the appeal of a strike that aims to "r strengthen the company's management and protect the future of work "of all employees, as announced by the company committee via Twitter At the moment the details of the call were not made public.

The provision comes after a few days of tension between the staff and the management of the local audiovisual network (XAL), which depends on the Diputació de Barcelona and which groups local radio and television stations throughout Catalonia. On Tuesday, the committee and professional council issued a joint communiqué calling for the "resignation or resignation" of XAL's CEO, Francesc Pena, and in which they had already anticipated that they would "take the necessary legal and pressure measures" ".

According to the workers, Pena had "crossed a red line" to "force a worker" with the resolution of his contract "not to accept a change of functions that does not correspond to his professional profile". "We do not want to tolerate their professional, work and personal disrespect for the workers," add the employees in reference to Pena, and claim to have "completely lost their trust" in the direction of the company.


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