The workers urged to check the pay slips after the increase of 1 July


Over two million workers have been urged to check their pay slips with an increase in the entry into force of minimum wages.

A 3% salary increase applies to all leased employees as of July 1, with the annual Fair Work Commission review bringing the national minimum wage to $ 740.80 a week or $ 19.49 a week; Now.

Australian union secretary Sally McManus said that people should check their paychecks to make sure they increase.

"Some employers make a mistake and do not realize and some employers rely on the fact that their employees do not know it," he said today.

But he said that workers in the retail and hospitality sector would lose 3 percent in full because the Sunday penalty rate cuts occurred at the same time.

"The fact that the penalty rates are cut at a time of record salary growth and the economy hurting is a bad thing for everyone," McManus said.

The managing director of the Australian industrial group Innes Willox said that all the workers would have been better with the increase in the premium, despite the changes to the penalization rates in some sectors.

"The ACTU claims that workers will suffer because Sunday penalty rate adjustments do not hold the most superficial control and will no doubt be called" fanciful "again in various independent controls," he said at the beginning of the week .

The Fair Work commission voted in May to increase the minimum wage by 3%.

It was down from 3.5% last year due to the current economic conditions.

Australian unions had pushed for a 6% increase, which would have resulted in an increase of $ 43 a week more, while corporate groups wanted a lower increase of up to 2% or $ 14.40 a week.

Before the decision was announced, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) invited the Fair Work Commission to pay a fairer salary for workers, tweeting that: "No full-time worker should earn a salary that costs them leave in poverty. It's time for a living wage. "

Fair Work Commission president Iain Ross said the increase in this year's minimum wage was lower than last year due to recent declines in gross domestic product and inflation growth.

"We are pleased that the level of growth we have decided will not lead to any negative inflationary results and will have no measurable negative impact on employment," said Ross.

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