The Peruvian government launched this Thursday house-to-house medical operations in vulnerable neighborhoods of Lima and in provincial territories, in search of containing an acceleration of the coronavirus pandemic. Emergency medical teams, accompanied by the military and police, visited more than 800 precarious homes in the Perales neighborhood, at the foot of a desert hill located in the Santa Anita district, in eastern Lima, AFP reported.

Health professionals did rapid coronavirus tests and examined hundreds of neighbors, mostly elderly, on the first day of the ‘Tayta’ operation (which means father, in Quechua).

Similar operations began in the southern regions of Tacna and Ica, in the Andean regions of Ayacucho and Cusco, and in the jungle of Loreto, to reach some 60,000 vulnerable people, according to authorities.

To those who tested positive for the coronavirus, food was given to them to complete quarantine in their homes.

Peruvian Defense Minister Jorge Chávez announced that 50 Tayta operations will be carried out in the country in the remainder of the year, with the aim of monitoring some 500,000 vulnerable people.

“The more you search, the more you will find (…). The idea is to carry out these operations to identify the disease early, we do not want (more) serious cases,” said the director of Health Networks of the ministry, Antonieta Alarcón.

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