The World Health Organization is concerned about the health of civilians in Idlib

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that she is very concerned about the health status of civilians in northwestern Idlib of Syria.

In the written statement made by the WHO it was noted that he feels great concern by the worsening of the conditions of health in the northwest of Syria.

In this statement it was indicated that 2.7 million people and 500 thousand live in the northwest of the country. people live in southern Idlib, of the 12 million people who need general health services in Syria.

Director of Urgent Health States of the Eastern Mediterranean AreaRichard Brennan in his statement on the matter said: “The military tensions that have risen in the area lately have caused civilian losses, injuries and increased human sadness. Women, children and the elderly, 130 thousand people were evacuated. Some civilians during the nine-year war in Syria were evacuated three times. “

In Idlib because of the attacks of the regime of Bashar Asad and Russia In 24 hours, 2 thousand more civilians had to immigrate near the Turkish border, the number of evacuated civilians as of November rose to 217 thousand.

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