The World’s Loneliest House Finally Sold, Buyers Enjoy a Slice of Heaven at Every Twilight Page all – The house that is said to be “secluded in the world” stands on 1.5 hectares of land.

Located on a small island called Duck Ledges in the Wohoa bay area, the house is very small, and simple. With one bedroom, a lounge with a large armchair, and, in fact, no bathroom.

Reported from Insider, the loneliest house in the world in rural Maine, United States, it is sold for IDR 6 billion.

Located on a small island, the house is also not “equipped” with a view of the trees. There is only small green grass that grows unevenly in front, side and back of the house.

In the advertisement, the house is said to be easily accessible by small boat from the public harbor in Jonesport, Maine.

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An ad that caught Stephen King’s attention

A woman from New Jersey is reported to have bought the property, quoted from InsiderTuesday (17/1/2023).

Purchase process lonely house in the world it’s quite unique.

In mid-2022, Milliken said it would only consider offers from people willing to spend at least one night alone in the tiny hut built in 2007.

The reason is that through a test, he will be able to determine who can properly care for Duck Ledges, a lonely house suitable only for those who love adventure and are not afraid to be alone.

Milliken once called his property a home that was inhospitable to humans or even animals. Because from October to May, there are often terrible storms that sweep the bay.

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Milliken’s unique selling strategy, combined with the island’s unspoiled features, made the advertisement capture the attention of the world’s people.

Even Stephen King, a well-known horror fiction writer, made a tweet on Twitter in response to an article about the world’s loneliest house.

There’s a novel here, waiting to be written,” he wrote.

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Find in classified ads

It didn’t take long for Charlotte Gale from New Jersey to finally convince Milliken that she deserved to be the next owner of Duck Ledges.

Still from InsiderGale says he was never intimidated by the possibility of spending the night alone in the island’s cottage, which was built 20 feet from the water’s edge.

Gale, a licensed massage therapist, said he came across a Duck Ledges advert in June, at midnight while he was browsing advertisements for homes around Maine.

“For some reason, the little island seemed to be talking to me,” he said. “So I scheduled mandatory at least one night to stay there.”

Not long after, he was picked up by Milliken at the port to drive to Duck Ledges.

Milliken told the media that from the start he believed Gale was the next owner of Duck Ledges. This is because when other prospective buyers are carrying lots of suitcases and goods, Gale only comes with one small backpack.

In the morning, when he returns to pick him up, Milliken asks him if Gale has been “pounced upon” all night in loneliness.

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And Gale replies, “If you really love yourself, you’re never really alone.”

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Will rent out his slice of paradise

After buying it, Gale spent four consecutive nights at Duck Ledges, a record Milliken had held for more than a decade.

To make him feel at home, Gale takes three items with him on the visit, namely a camp stove, a collapsible bathtub and a portable toilet.

On his first night as the island’s new owner, Gale relates that he took a hot bath and watched the sun set over the horizon.

“That moment was like seeing a little piece of heaven,” he said.

Occasionally, Gale invites his friends to have dinner together in the hut with friends splashing in the waves and schools of dolphins and seals that stop on the rocks.

“I purposely went out in the fall during a thunderstorm to see what it was like,” says Gale.

In a storm, the small wooden structure of the hut holds steady. Although a strong wind is heard throughout the cabin.

Gale has many plans ahead. Like furnishing huts with comfortable toilets, also planting flowers all over the island.

Gale will also be sharing his slice of heaven with others, by accepting visit requests via his website.

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