The wounded yellow jacket in Bordeaux was put into an artificial coma

Question placed on 01/14/2019

Good morning,

We have reformulated your question, here it is completely: "It is true that following a ball thrown by the police during the 9 yellow jackets in Bordeaux, a protester, named Olivier, has been in a coma ever since." Is it news of him?

Your question refers to this yellow jacket wounded in Bordeaux by a defensive shooter bullet (LBD 40) in the back, while he was escaping. The prefecture, which indicated is buzzing that the prefect had finally seized the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) on this case, still refuses to communicate the state in which this injured person is found.

Volunteer fireman in the town of Bazas according to various testimonies, is now in an artificial coma. His wife announced yesterday on Facebook that he was operated for a brain hemorrhage. "I just had a nurse, they'll try to wake him up and only then can we see if there are sequelae or not …"

Questioned by Southwest this afternoon she says: "Doctors are reassuring for the future". "Olivier had absolutely nothing to reproach, he did not break anything, unlike what some people can write on the Internet, the police shot him in the head while he was safe, my husband is not a criminal, he continues, referring to the wonderful words of the prefecture that was yesterday to give the "context" of the intervention of the forces of the order.

On Facebook, he also announced that he would contact a lawyer. The prosecutor's office yesterday said it was unaware of a complaint.

Olivier B. is one of 93 people seriously injured since the start of the movement of yellow jackets, according to our count.


Pauline Moullot


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