The Xbox Games Showcase might not make the same promises as last year – Gamereactor

The Xbox Games Showcase, scheduled for June, may not commit to having every game showcased at the event in our hands over the next 12 months.

according to Jesus CordenMicrosoft is moving away from the idea that every game it showcases will be released within 12 months of the event, according to The Verge. After last year, when Starfield and Hollow Knight: Silksong and a few other games were “promised” to us within a year, it makes sense that Xbox wouldn’t want to make any more false promises.

Starfield isn’t much later than expected and will launch with us in early September, but for Hollow Knight: Silksong and Forza Motorsport, we don’t know when those games will come out, which means when Microsoft tells us all we see It feels like an empty promise when the content will be released within a year.

Will you tune in to the Xbox and Star Showcase on June 11?


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2023-05-15 10:48:00

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